Take control on policy management with PolicyDoc

PolicyDoc app streamlines your policy and procedure management process – important guidelines and procedures are readily available, no more struggling to find up to date policies. Employees will have the ability to access vital documents, information, videos, images, tutorials from an app installed on their smartphones. The app is available for both Android/ IOS  and can even be accessed without an internet action or access to Wi-Fi. The entire content of the app can be managed centrally from a web admin console.

Whether it is policies, procedures, guidelines or any other documents, traditional methods of managing is simply not adequate in today’s highly regulated environment. Take control on policy management with PolicyDoc.

From creating, updating, managing and communicating policies to automated knowledge assessments, audit and reporting, PolicyDoc delivers an end-to-end cost effective and measurable compliance solution.

PolicyDoc - works on all devices


  • Keep all your contents in one place and manage using web admin

  • Notify system automatically notify the policy manager when a guideline or procedure is up for renewal, revisions or retirement.

  • Add regularly used documents in the app to your favourites for quick access.

  • Create, review and approve policies or procedures from the user- friendly web admin system section.

  • Distribute and manage policies/ procedures from a centralised location. Employees can quickly access the policies using the mobile app on-line or offline.

  • Easily revise policies and be notified when they need to be renewed or retired.

  • Restrict policy documents to only people who need to have access to them.

  • Easily find approved policies and procedures with powerful search options.

  • No restriction to the amount of videos, documents or file types you choose to upload and manage.

  • The app automatically synchronises with the latest content for offline access

Whether driven by tightening regulations and standards, by the need to effectively communicate and manage critical policies to avoid liability and reputation damage and ensure best practice; or just by the requirement to reduce costs and increase efficiency, PolicyDoc can help.

PolicyDoc app works offline yet the content can be managed centrally. Staff can easily use the app in areas of the hospital where internet or Wi-Fi connection not available. It is managed like an enterprise web application, but accessible as a mobile app from any android or iOS device and also from any desktop computer.

  • White labelled Apps & Unlimited Documents

    • Unlimited documents
    • Supports all document types
    • Customer-branded look and feel
    • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use

    • User-friendly interface
    • Search filters
    • No updates to install
    • In-browser editor for web admin
    • No plugins to install
  • Fully Automated

    • Automatic offline synchronisation
    • Email notifications & reminders
    • Reading / acknowledgment receipts
  • Powerful Admin

    • User account management
    • Policy administrator dashboard
    • Permission level control
    • Restrict access / rights to certain policies
    • Template control & styling
    • Comprehensive reporting.
  • No IT Department Involvement

    • No hardware or software to install
    • Automatic deployment of new features & fixes
    • No updates to install
    • In-browser web admin editor
    • No plugins to install
  • Easy Installation

    • Easy system configuration
    • Online training
    • Onsite training (optional)
    • Ongoing support
    • Support videos & tutorials

PolicyDoc provides quick web admin user access and robust administrative functions to keep your policy documents and forms current and accessible to all employees, promoting behaviours that are in line with pertinent regulations and organisational requirements.

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