World has started dreaming again with successful vaccine trials. Nations have given emergency approval for administering covid vaccine. Eligibility and vaccination criteria of different manufacturers pose a new challenge to healthcare organisations. COVMIS is your one-stop solution.


  • Secure Hosting – public, Internal or private cloud options
  • Add multiple vaccine makers with different dosage gaps and record adverse reactions
  • Book slots, set up schedules, locations etc for distribution and administering vaccine
  • Real-time integration with customer APIs
  • Automated campaign manager for invitation and reminders
  • Generate weekly and monthly target reports, staff and public usage reports
  • Supports real time input and/or batch upload of data


  • Manage vaccination programme centrally
  • Send targeted email invitations to staff/public groups based on priority •
  • Customise email invitation/reminder templates
  • Design custom consent forms
  • Collect consent data online prior to appointments
  • Supports multiple vaccines
  • Set vaccine-specific criteria/conditions
  • Capture vaccine reaction information, if any, after primary dose
  • Warn vaccinators about the previous reaction, if any, at the time of booster dose
  • Warn about any appointment time gap breach
  • Generate reports to track progress of the vaccination programme
  • Option to generate vaccination completion certificate

Microcare Technologies has long-standing relationship with various National Health Service (NHS) Trusts across the UK and many of them are currently using Microcore’s ‘FLUMIS’ [Flu Vaccination Management System ] to manage their flu vaccination programme. COVMIS is developed based on collaborative inputs from existing FLUMIS customers.


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