Microcare Technologies fully understand the importance of vaccinating frontline staff within the NHS as it protects so many people. With the continued focus on frontline staff being vaccinated and achieving your CQUIN targets Microcare have developed a web application which enables you to accurately report on your Flu Campaign.

The Secure web application is accessed via a browser on a tablet or workstation. Information regarding your employee data base is taken from the ESR and uploaded, you can search for employees quickly and add any personnel that are not direct employees. The system includes the medical questionnaire, vaccination details, reasons for declining, vaccine administered elsewhere. You can upload supporting files and manage your vaccine counts.

Pre-defined reports can be generated within a few clicks of a mouse and are available in a variety of formats saving many hours of administration. You can even build your own reports.

You can manage your campaign and build templates promoting the Flu campaign and even identify and target those that have not yet had their vaccination.

The system contains the medical questionnaire with digital signing and automatic dating. The nurse then completes the information regarding the administration of the vaccine. These are just tick boxes and drop down menu’s regarding the manufacture, batch etc. You may also add information if staff members have had their vaccinations at a GP or Pharmacy. This all updates in real time and you have access to vaccine history.

A mobile app is also available if you have nurses that are out in the community without a Wi-FI connection. The same information is available as on the console allowing you to search and administer the app and as soon as you have an Internet Connection it will sync and update the console.

A powerful, cost effective solution that provides accurate recording of data and will save copious amounts of time.

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