Our End of Life App makes end of life care guidance available to doctors, nurses and carers working in the community as well as on the wards. So many doctors, carers and nurses in the UK now have smart phones and our app gives them the opportunity to have important healthcare guidance, policies and documents in their pocket 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without the need of an Internet Connection.

The app is unique is that you control the information and the look and the feel of the app. We provide you with a web application that is accessed via a browser this is where you control the content of the app. You select libraries for the app such as medication, chaplaincy, 5 priorities of care and within these libraries you create topics. You decide on the images you want to use. You can provide text summaries, add documents, audio, visual and you are in control of the content so it can be altered and edited as you wish. The information will immediately appear on the app. It can also be viewed on a laptop.

End of Life Care aims to support in the later stages of a life limiting condition and to live as well as possible. This app enables the carers to deliver the best possible care and focus on their patients and families and still be armed with all the valuable information that they may need at their fingertips.

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