• Cost effective Job Evaluation system

    IJES is a cost effective ,computer aided, established Job Evaluation System which is being used in over 100 NHS Trusts across the UK to meet the requirements associated with Agenda for Change.

    The department of Health withdrew funding in 2012 for CAJE, many trusts moved away from CAJE as our offering was more cost effective, easy to use and feature rich with no restrictions on records, users or documents. The system over the past 6 years has also developed to meet customer requirements and we have released several new versions. We are also able to migrate CAJE data at no additional cost making the transition seamless

     Other trusts have used an Excel process, his is a no cost option but does not resolve storage issues or direct communication, and would still result in high levels of manual intervention, admin time and paper storage. There would also be manual maintenance of the system to keep national job profiles up to date.


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